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We practice the way of Jesus. 

Jesus invites those who follow Him to serve and love others. As we strive to cultivate the kind of family He introduced to the world, we invite you to serve within our community. 

Each Volunteer Team has different requirements and expectations.



We embrace a vision of family that extends beyond the biological. A vision of family that reflects God’s heart for relationships—and His concern for individuals in every stage of life.


One place family begins is inside our church on a Sunday. We need people to make that happen. 


Whether you've never met a stranger or feel more comfortable brewing coffee behind the scenes, you can play a pivotal role in making a newcomer feel like a member of the family.


We’re convinced something special happens when God's people gather together. We want our Sunday services to be a place where people connect with God and one another. 


Our production team helps us experience the presence of God each week. 


If you possess problem solving skills, attention to detail, and  creativity, you can play an integral role in creating a space where God is worshipped. 


Practicing the way of Jesus can begin at an early age. 


Kids City provides a safe environment where children can play and learn while their grown ups worship. Jesus-loving adults play an important role in shaping the faith stories of our kids.

Come and experience the child-like faith of elementary school kids, crawl around with the toddlers or rock a sleeping baby while sharing the abundant love of Jesus. You may just learn something new, too. (Giggles are guaranteed.)


We pursue God's voice and God's power. We do so on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. 


We believe God is still on the move. And that His power is not just a story of old that is out of our reach.

Listening for God's voice on behalf of others, and expecting Him to move in the life of our church is a responsibility. And we're thankful for people within our church who step into that responsibility with faith and expectancy. 



Everything we do is centered in experiencing the presence of God, together. This focus influences the way we worship, the way we pray, and the way we gather.

Serving on the Worship Team at City Church OTR is more than a performance. It's cultivating a space where people can experience and interact with God. 

Musical ability is necessary, but more importantly, so are humility and surrender. If you have musical talent - vocally or instrumentally, and a willingness to lead people in worship, we invite you to audition for our Worship Team. 


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